Yet More Speaking for Itself

This time, from John Ashcroft:

“Weapons of mass destruction including evil chemistry and evil biology are all matters of great concern, not only to the United States but also to the world community. They were the subject of U.N. resolutions,” Ashcroft said.

We’ll see whether the nefarious chemistry and biology turn out to only be evil-related. Via SK Bubba.


P.S. Biology and Chemistry evil? This reminds me of the Hardball skits on Saturday Night Live, when one of the fake guests is Harry Belafonte. Whenever Matthews needs to liven things up, he goes to Belafonte. For example, these Matthews to Belafonte lines from the episode featuring John McCain:

Matthews: Wow! An impressive display of insanity! Harry Belafonte, keep this crazy train rolling!”

Matthews: Dear Lord. Belafonte! Hit me with a quick one!

The second possibility is that to a devout Pentacostal like Ashcroft, Biology truly is evil because it is rooted in and supports evolution.