Pre-War Intelligence Inquiry?

David Kay is now advocating an independent investigation:

David A. Kay, the former chief weapons inspector in Iraq, called on Wednesday for an independent inquiry into prewar intelligence about Saddam Hussein’s weapons programs, but he said he did not believe that the Bush administration had pressured intelligence analysts to exaggerate the threat.

Not surprisingly, the White House has spurned that suggestion while Democrats mostly embrace it.

Kay also had this to say:

“It turns out we were all wrong, probably, in my judgment,” Dr. Kay told the Senate Armed Services Committee. “And that is most disturbing.”

Here’s one more quote from Kay — the one you’re sure to see at the various pro-war blogs:

“If I had been there, presented what I have seen as the record of the intelligence estimates, I probably would have come to — not probably — I would have come to the same conclusion that the political leaders did.”