Greenspan and Job Security

Fed Chair Alan Greenspan must both want to keep his job and think that Dean is going to be the next president. On Friday, CNN and others reported that

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean tried out a new tactic Friday while campaigning in New Hampshire, accusing Federal Reserve Bank chairman Alan Greenspan of making decisions that were “too political” and suggesting it may be time to replace him.

Dean was mostly criticizing Greenspan’s cooperation, at least publicly, with the Bush tax cuts. Today, CNN has a story titled Greenspan to get tough on deficit:

Greenspan is expected to say that deficits are in fact important to the nation’s economic health and may offer ways to curb spending, Fortune magazine reports in issues due to hit newsstands on Feb. 2.

… The central bank chairman could deliver the speech next month when he gives his semi-annual testimony on monetary policy to Congress …