Checking In

AB here, checking in from a working vacation. Kash and I should be back to normal posting on Wednesday, though Fester is welcome to keep posting through the week (and thanks to Fester for filling in and make sure to add Fester’s Place to your regular reads.)

One interesting bit of news: Angry Bear was nominated for a Koufax Award in the “Best Blog” category. Looking at the nominees, Angry Bear is clearly not going to win (though it is, of course, an honor just to be nominated.) In fact, I’ll be voting for another blog, though deciding which one is very tough. On the other hand, it would be nice to not come in last, or perhaps even to be a finalist, so vote early and vote often (you vote via comments to the post or emails to Dwight or MB of Wampum. Actually, given that comments are votes, Anne could nearly singlehandedly propel us to the top — j/k Anne.)