Blogging of the President

Tonight on NPR from 9-11 Eastern, a bunch of bloggers (Atrios, Andrew Sullivan, Gary Hart, Jerome Armstrong, Frank Rich, Josh Marshall, Garance Franke-Ruta, Ed Cone, Jeff Jarvis, Kevin Phillips, Richard Reeves) will be talking politics).

You can find the list of participating stations here. Or you can listen to the webcast.


UPDATE: Well, I listened to it. In case his blog failed to dispel all doubt, Andrew Sullivan really is a jackass. Instead of substantively debating Atrios, Sully instead decided that Atrios’ anonymity was sufficient grounds for attack (moreover, the discussion was about blogging and politics; Sully decided to make it left vs. right and anonymous vs. named-and-usually-begging-for-money.) At one point, Atrios stated that he took on liberals when the situation warranted it, but he was unable to come up with an example on the spot. Here’s one for you, Atrios: free trade.

You can go here for a link to the Atrios/Sully part of the show, which was about 15-20 minutes.

UPDATE 2: Speaking of anonymity, The Federalist Papers were originally written as a series of essays published in various papers, mostly in New York, under the anonymous pen name Publius. At some point, it became known that John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton wrote them, though to this day, the author or authors of some of the Papers remains somewhat in question. Yes, our Constitution is deeply rooted in anonymous political writing. But I guess we can forgive a Tory for not knowing that.