Ugly, Ugly Fratricide

This is not pretty. And one wonders why the Republicans have gained such complete control over the US’s political system, given that the majority of American’s are closer to Democrats than Republicans on the issues…

Dr. Dean, the former governor of Vermont, had billed his speech here to the Pacific Council on International Policy as a sweeping international tour of what he said were his moderate foreign policy views…

“The difficulties and tragedies which we have faced in Iraq show the administration launched the war in the wrong way, at the wrong time, with inadequate planning, insufficient help, and at the extraordinary cost, so far, of $166 billion,” he said. “The capture of Saddam does not end our difficulties from the aftermath of the administration’s war to oust him.”

Dr. Dean’s Democratic opponents immediately seized on the speech to raise new questions about his viability in a general election… At the same time, a group of Democrats known informally as a “stop Dean” coalition began running a television advertisement in New Hampshire and South Carolina that shows a photograph of Osama bin Laden with the warning, “It’s time for Democrats to start thinking about Dean’s inexperience.”

Regardless of your opinion of Dean, I think that anyone who wants to get rid of Bush in 2004 should find this disgusting.