Tammy Bruce is Everywhere

Bob Somerby spent much of the past week dissecting Tammy Bruce (here, here, here, and here) — remind me never to get on his bad side. In case you missed it, Ms. Bruce is a recently hired ‘liberal’ analyst for Fox News, but her liberalism can really make you yearn for Alan Colmes. In a nutshell, she starts most of her statements with “as a progressive, lesbian, liberal, and feminist …” before going on to some nutty attack on Democrats and liberals.

As I read the Howler pieces, I thought “nice job, Somerby, but why waste your time on someone so insignificant?” Sure, it highlights Fox News’ silliness, but we already knew that.

Then, driving in my car the other day I hear YANCLM (yet another conservative loud-mouth) on the radio, a woman. Briefly I wonder at what point talk radio will run into diminishing marginal returns to conservative blowhards, but before I can finish the thought I hear her say something very close to “I’m a progressive and a former leader of NOW,” and the alarm bells went off. Yes, it was in fact the same Tammy Bruce, guest-hosting the Larry Elder show. If you’ve ever heard the Larry Elder show, you might be wondering why such a staunch conservative would have a “progressive, lesbian, liberal, feminist” guest-host.