Money and Inside Baseball Post

This USA Today article contains some information that blows holes in my matching funds projections. I had projected Clark will be eligible to receive 8.7 million dollars off of $15 million in fundraising for Q-3 and Q-4. While USA Today supports the total fundraising amount, they are projecting Clark will be eligible for only $3.7 million dollars. This can either be due to timing of donations or a change in donor profiles as he may just be getting very big money donations instead of the numerous and more valuable small donors.

IF this is true then Clark will have a significant cash on hand deficit compared to Dean as Dean had a 9 million dollar COH advantage at the end of the third quarter and the USA Today article is indicating that the Dean campaign believes that it should be able to increase its cash on hand for this quarter. Clark is spending some serious bucks on consultants and advertising so if his matching contribution is this low then he is facing serious competitive disadvantages against Dean.

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