Kurdish Sell-out Watch Continues

Juan Cole has a long analytical post that is examing the Kurdish position on self-governance. Basically the Kurds are willing to be a part of Iraq as long as they have an extremely high level of autonomy. If I am understanding these articles, I would imagine that they are seeking a deal similiar to the Dayton Accords where there is a national government composed of the three major ethnic groups but a high degree of regional/ethnic indepedence. A major Shi’ite party, counting the votes, is opposing any weak form of federal government.

The threatening thing that I saw in this post by Juan is the implicit threat that the the Kurdish peshmerga which have aided the US Army in maintaining a reasonable degree of civil order in the north, may decide to undertake active combat operations against both American and potentially Turkish targets. That is one thing that we do not need as Kos points out, we have lost another twenty nine soldiers in the past two weeks and that these casualties are not in the Kurdish areas.

So bad news may be on the horizon.

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