Happy Holidays!

I’m leaving today to spend a week with some of my family, and before I go I wanted to wish all of you regular Angry Bear readers happy holidays. I also particularly want to say welcome and thanks to fester, who has graciously agreed to help us out through this stretch. It will be a pleasure to catch up with his posting here when I’m back.

Speaking of which, I’ll be back for a few days around December 28 to 31, before leaving again for a week of work-related travel. During those few days before the new year I’ll be opening myself up to criticism, ridicule, and provable (in another year – but who’ll be counting by then?) charges of not knowing what I’m talking about, with a series of posts entitled: Kash’s Calls: Predictions for 2004. You can expect a collection of my guesses predictions about things that will happen in the year 2004 regarding topics related to this blog.

Will my predictions be obvious, shrewd, controversial, insightful, or absurd? I guess we’ll all find out in another week…