Dan Drezner: “the very foundation of troubles in this country?”

I knew there had to be some good reason why I nominated Drezner for the best Right-of-Center Blog for the upcoming Koufax awards.


UPDATE. Sheesh. Read the article in Slate that inspired Drezner’s hate-mail. It’s a pretty moderate questioning of Bush’s policy implementation skills that concludes “Bush’s process failures make him far more vulnerable on national security issues than one might imagine.” My guess is that most of Drezner’s emailers only read the title of the piece, Bush the Bumbler, and not the text. In all likelihood, Drezener didn’t come up with the title; Slate’s editors did. (I know that news stories have text penned by the reporter and headlines penned by headline writers, which explains why you see so many articles headlined ‘Up is Down’ but when you read the text it clearly indicates that ‘Down is Up’. However, I’m not sure if the same applies to the headlines on Op/Ed pieces — knowledgeable commenters?)