Be Famous!

Not really, but you can be famous for fifteen minutes, or more accurately, famous for fifteen people. For various vacation and job-related reasons, Kash will be posting rarely from around 12/25 to 1/8 and I won’t be able to post much during the first week in January. But you can.

My first guest-blogging experiment was a smashing success (it brought Kash to the blog), so bringing in a guest-blogger or two seems like a much better idea than going on hiatus. If you’re interested, email me a sample post. Regardless of who wins, I’ll definitely post every reasonable entry (perhaps with some editing), so there’s nothing to lose.

There are few requirements. An interest in economics is important but a Ph.D is not. Acceptable political views range from a bit right of Nader to John McCain, which probably encompasses at least 70% of the population. And it’s definitely open to people with their own blogs. In fact, it’s probably a great way for a new blog to gain a modest amount of exposure.