Leave California. Now.

Ok, it’s not that bad. But I see via Digby that Gov. Schwarzenegger hired Stephen Moore (see this post for background on Moore) as an advisor. Apparently, the US Newswire lets people write the headlines for articles that mention them:

Gov. Schwarzenegger Names Stephen Moore to Calif. Audit Committee; Noted Economist and Activist to Help Solve Golden State Fiscal Crisis

Moore’s Club for Growth is the last bastion — other than a few people at the AEI and in the current administration — of the theory that tax cuts will increase general revenue.(*)


(*) Yes, tax cuts will increase general revenue when rates are near 100% (because if taxes are 100%, then revenue will be near zero as almost nobody will work), but given modern tax rates, that’s a non sequitur.

UPDATE: Upon closer inspection, the US Newswire piece is a press release, so Moore or one of his agents is responsible for referring to Moore as a “noted economist.” The last line, which says “For more information or to schedule an interview with Stephen Moore, please contact Kevin McVicker at 703-739-5920,” gave it away.