Leader of The Free World

Nice. In advance of his trip to London, the President found a publication worthy of an interview:

Press secretary Scott McClellan broke the news yesterday with nonchalance. “Good morning,” he told reporters. “The president had his usual briefings this morning and just recently completed an interview with the Sun, for a discussion of his upcoming visit to the United Kingdom.”

I went to the Sun’s website and tried to find the interview, but I couldn’t because I got distracted by the Sun’s topless Page 3 Girls (no adult verification required), this story on “Heidi, Adriana and Tyra wing in as undie-clad angels,” the “Be cheeky! Touch my bum… ” story that had something to do with some sort of video game but was actually about pictures of “Transylvanian twins Monica and Gabriella” in short-shorts. Then I re-resolved to find the Bush article, but got distracted by “Victoria Newton’s Bizarre Exposed,” and then wandered over to “Dear Diedre” to read about some poor young woman’s group-sex travails.

What could possibly possess Bush to grant an interview to this Newspaper tabloid and not the respectable but conservative Telegraph or the slightly less conservative but even more respectable London Times? Click here to learn the answer (Hint: the same person owns Fox News and The Sun).


UPDATE: Via Nitpicker, I see that “[Bush lined] up interviews with the BBC’s David Frost and the new Daily Telegraph editor Martin Newland.”