Bush in the UK

There’s surely lots of interesting stuff for bloggers of all stripes in Salon’s transcript of Bush’s interview with the BBC’s David Frost. But the following juxtaposition struck me as peculiar:

On Iraq’s nonexistent biological weapons (page 2):

“And David Kay found evidence of weapons programs. He found some biological weapons – evidence of biological weapons.”

On North Korea’s nuclear weapons (page 3):

“And I would refer people to North Korea where we’ve got a multilateral attempt to convince Kim Jong Il to get rid of his nuclear ambitions … But what I’ve done is I’ve convinced China and South Korea, and Japan, and Russia to speak with one voice to the North Koreans and say, ‘Get rid of your nuclear ambitions.'”

Iraq has no WMD? Then they have WMD programs, or we have evidence of WMD, or perhaps evidence of WMD programs, though of course no actual WMD. North Korea announces that they have a nuclear deterrent ready to go, and the CIA believes the only thing stopping them from detonating a test bomb is the international backlash? That’s merely ambitions.


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