At Least we’re Popular in Northern Iraq…?

I thought that anti-American feelings in Iraq are confined to the Sunni triangle, as Bush and Co. tell us? Mosul is in northern Iraq, on the edge of Kurdistan… where the US is supposed to be popular.

MOSUL, Iraq – Gunmen killed two American soldiers driving through this northern Iraqi city Sunday, and then a crowd swarmed the scene, looting the soldiers’ vehicle and pummeling their bodies, witnesses said. Another soldier was killed in a roadside bombing north of Baghdad.

Bahaa Jassim, a teenager, said the soldiers’ vehicle crashed into a wall after the shooting. Several dozen passers-by then descended on the wreckage, looting the car of weapons and the soldiers’ backpacks.

After the soldiers’ bodies fell into the street, the crowd pummeled them with concrete blocks, Jassim said.

If one or two gunmen kill an American soldier, it doesn’t necessarily represent Iraqi opinion. But when a crowd of randomly selected individuals (i.e. those that were passing by at the time of the attack) decide to loot and mutilate the American soldiers, that says something very worrying about US popularity in a city that is supposed to be one of the most pro-American in Iraq.