Tom DeLay is on Board!

Mr. DeLay apparently wants a full investigation of the Plame affair.

At a press conference, Tom DeLay released a letter calling for an FBI investigation signed by the Republican House Leaders:

Whether or not that specific story originated with the White House or its allies, clearly there is credible evidence that an organized campaign of slander and intimidation may exist. If these reports are true, the actions of the individuals responsible are pure and simple intimidation — no different than threatening jurors to change their verdicts in organized crime trials.(*)

Actually, that was back in 1998, when national security was threatened by allegations that the White House, and Sidney Blumenthal in particular, was feeding the media stories about Henry Hyde’s infidelity. Later, it was learned that the source of the story was actually a friend of the estranged husband of the woman with whom Hyde was having the affair. Still, DeLay’s point is well-taken; perhaps he should repeat it now that thing of substantive importance are at issue.


(*) The Clinton Wars, p. 478, citing Republican Leaders Ask FBI to Look for Source of ‘Dirt’, Washington Times, September 18, 1998.