A Suggestion for Wilson and Plame

John Dean, of Watergate fame, has a piece in Salon.com comparing the Plame affair to Watergate. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he argues that this scandal is more serious than Watergate was in some crucial respects. He also gives a very intriguing piece of advice in the Salon article:

Regardless of whether or not a special prosecutor is selected, I believe that Ambassador Wilson and his wife — like the DNC official once did [during the Watergate scandal] — should file a civil lawsuit, both to address the harm inflicted on them, and, equally important, to obtain the necessary tools (subpoena power and sworn testimony) to get to the bottom of this matter. This will not only enable them to make sure they don’t merely become yesterday’s news; it will give them some control over the situation.

He argues that a similar move in during the Watergate scandal applied a lot of crucial pressure that helped to crack the case open — and that it might have similar effects in this case. It’s an interesting suggestion…