I’m not quite sure exactly what this means, but I think it either implies that Don Rumsfeld is losing some portion of his mind or losing some portion of his authority. And, as far as Iraq is concerned, either one is probably an improvement. Here’s a sample from the story, but the rest is worse:

Appearing at a NATO conference in Colorado Springs on Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Rumsfeld tried to dismiss any talk of his diminished role in Iraq policy, suggesting at one point that reporters should concentrate on “something more important,” like the World Series prospects of his hometown Chicago Cubs.


P.S. Rumsfeld also said this:

“The way I read the memorandum is that it is basically what the responsibility of the N.S.C. is and always has been,” he said. The agency’s role, he added later, “is what it’s always been,” one of coordination.

Yes, unfortunately, memos are sent on the most trivial of topics, but really, when was the last time you got a memo saying “Just checking in. In case you were wondering, everything is the same. Thank you for your attention”?

UPDATE: Link fixed.