Plame Still On

While the NYT continues to studiously minimize coverage of the Plame outing and investigation, Time Magazine keeps pounding the administration:

Security agencies all over the world are now quietly running Plame’s name through their data banks, immigration records and computer hard drives as the White House leak scandal continues to percolate. Officials with two foreign governments told TIME that their spy catchers are quietly checking on whether Plame had worked on their soil and, if so, what she had done there. Which means if one theme of the Administration leak scandal concerns political vengeance — did the White House reveal Plame’s identity in order to punish Wilson for his public criticism of the case for war with Iraq?–another theme is about damage. What has been lost, and who has been compromised because of the leak of one spy’s name? And who, if anyone, will pay for that disclosure?


Some Bush partisans have suggested that the outing of Plame is no big deal, that she was “just an analyst” or maybe, as a G.O.P. Congressman told CNN, “a glorified secretary.” But the facts tell otherwise.

There’s a lot more, do check it out (no subscription required!).