Keep Your Eyes Open…

…for some upcoming developments in this story: The independent 9/11 investigative commission, headed by Republican Thomas Kean, is having serious difficulty in getting the documents that it has requested from the Bush administration. Things may be coming to a head this week.

From Newsweek, a couple of weeks ago:

Sept. 24 — A long-running and largely behind-the-scenes struggle by an independent commission to gain access to some of the most sensitive White House documents about the September 11 terror attacks may be heading to a public showdown in the next few weeks, creating potential political problems for the Bush administration.

And from the Washington Post, last week:

Oct. 15 – Yesterday’s hearing [of the bipartisan commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks] — the fourth held publicly since the panel was formed last year — was interrupted by a lengthy emergency meeting that involved a “remarkable development” related to disputes over access to documents between the commission and the Bush administration, according to chairman Thomas H. Kean.

A commission spokesman said the development involved an agency other than the White House, but Kean and other members declined to reveal any other details. Kean said the panel will release more information by today. Several administration officials declined to comment or said they were unaware of the dispute. Kean, a Republican former New Jersey governor, and the commission’s vice chairman, former representative Lee H. Hamilton (D-Ind.), have said that the panel’s work would be harmed if it does not receive access to crucial administration documents immediately. The commission has subpoena power.

This story disappeared in the end of last week, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it resurfaces with some new information this week. It’s just a hunch, but stay tuned…