Governor Schwarzenegger?

MoveOn has really become a powerful cash machine. Previously, they raised $1 million in about a week to support the Texas Eleven. Now, in even less time, they’ve raised $500,000 to air anti-Schwarzenegger ads:

Dear MoveOn member,

24 hours ago, we launched an emergency ad campaign to tell California voters the recent revelations about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life and character. As of 2pm, more than 12,000 people have contributed and enabled us to reach our goal of $500,000. The ad will begin playing throughout California on Sunday. It’s appearing on at least 10 national news programs today. Incredible.

…We’re asking yoou to participate in MoveOn phone banking to California to make sure that voters know the truth. Every Californian deserves to know the truth about this man who will be elected unless they vote No Recall on Tuesday. To sign up to help, click here:

Our online phone banking system is easy to use, and if you have free weekend minutes on your cell phone, you’ll be able to make the calls for free. If thousands of MoveOn members call tens of thousands of California voters this weekend, that we could make the difference in this race.

Now, Schwarzenegger’s complete lack of experience, lack of any substantive policy proposals, and vacuous responses to questions should be enough to persuade California voters not to support Schwarzenegger. Apparently, they are not. But a Bustamante withdrawal, plus a last minute ad barrage, plus some hardcore phone-banking, and Davis just might survive. It’s a long shot, but a shot nonetheless. And what’s the worst that can happen? You waste an hour or two phone banking, Schwarzenegger wins, and California remains in fiscal trouble, forcing Schwarzenegger to raise taxes or cut back on popular services, and you can spend the next 3 years knowing you tried to prevent the Republicans (and California) from boiling in a stew of their own making.