Dwight’s Back

Making my regular visit to Wampum to skim this week’s Flashback Friday, I see good news. In addition to the usual top-notch material from MB, Dwight Meredith is now contributing to Wampum. He’s got a great post up on why Bush should lose, but may nevertheless win (no primary opponent; tons of cash; fractured opposition).

Near the end, Dwight makes a point I’ve tried to make before, but with more eloquence:

Let me make it perfectly clear. Howard Dean can not beat George Bush without the money, activism, energy and support of the DLC Democrats. John Kerry can not win without the active support of labor union members now in the Dick Gephardt camp. Joe Lieberman can not win without African Americans. Wes Clark can not win without the support now held by Howard Dean. A southerner like John Edwards can not win without the support of the Greens. None can win without the support of all of the others. The margin for error is just too thin.

Ben Franklin, at the signing of the Declaration of Independence said, “We must all hang together, or most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” That was true for all Americans in 1776. It is true for all Democrats and liberals in 2004.

Some might deride this as an “anyone but Bush” strategy, but let’s instead call it the “every single Democrat/Liberal counts” strategy.