Arnold Wins!

First, I don’t live in California, so this administration will be fun to watch. Second, G.W. Bush inherited a booming economy and made it much worse, but the economy and budget were in such great shape that even after the effects of Bush’s policies, the economy was only moderately bad by historical standards (but terrible compared to Clinton’s worst year). Sure, deficit projections are now at record-breaking levels, but that’s our children’s money so apparently nobody cares.

Here’s my point: Arnold’s inheriting a bad economy and a large deficit, not a surplus. Even if he does no worse than Davis, services will be cut, taxes will go up, or California’s credit rating will further deteriorate–or some of all three will happen. Certainly, he will seek to blame Davis, but I don’t think that will work. On the other hand, California voters elected this guy, so who knows what they will buy. As Kash cited earlier, the neat thing about democracy is that people get the government they deserve.

Me, I’ll take butter or some butter-like substance with my popcorn.


P.S. CalPundit says that the impending recall Shwarzenegger movement will be bad for California, and bad for Democracy. From a static point of view, I agree. But in terms of emphasizing the absurdity of what just happened, and perhaps preventing it in the future, I’m all for it: let the games begin!