Anybody Catch This?

It must have been hilarious (via Joe Conason):

More fun with wussy Bill

Don’t miss today’s broadcast of “Fresh Air,” the NPR program hosted by Terry Gross. I am reliably informed that her guest, Bill O’Reilly, fled the studios in a fit of anger — and that the show will be played in its entirety, including his undignified exit. What did the tiny, soft-spoken Terry ask that drove big, blustering Bill from her Philadelphia studio? Hearing the Fox blowhard explode again may brighten an otherwise grim day.

For the record, Terry Gross is an extremely polite and generally accomodating interviewer, so the Loud One must have really, really, thin skin. Maybe Al Franken called in.


UPDATE: The audio is here for the rest of today; thereafter, it looks like it will be here.