Spies at Guantanamo

Two soldiers are now charged with espionage. From what I’ve read, it could be something as innocuous as passing messages to and from prisoners’ family members in the Middle East, or it could be something more sinister. Overall, I’m having trouble coming up with a scenario in which prisoners at Guantanamo can do much of anything to harm US interests. I suppose al Qaeda leaders could be sending messages to followers to do something, but presumably those followers were going to do something bad anyway. And I find this part particularly implausible:

Officials are considering several theories regarding Yee and Al-Halabi. Among them: that the two were in a plot to help detainees escape or be rescued from the camp.

Where the heck do you go from Guantanamo without taking an easily spotted plane? Florida? Havana? Any escapee surely does not speak Spanish and probably doesn’t speak English. Crazy.