Comments Policy

I’ve noticed other bloggers catching a little flack when they delete comments without having an formal comment policy. To avoid that, here’s my announcement:

Spam in the comments, even if it’s promoting a lefty site, will be deleted. For example “Cool site. Great post. For more check out my blog at” Linking your own, or others blog is fine, actually encouraged, whenever it’s on point. If something is a clear cut and paste promo, that is clearly being posted as far and wide as possible, I’ll delete it.

Beyond that, I’m unlikely to delete posts based on content. I have a pretty high tolerance for offensiveness, so if you can manage to cross that line then you’ve done something pretty extreme (e.g., making overtly racist comments or threatening people) and I’ll exercise my editorial powers.

We now return to our regularly scheduled worrying about the deficit and pointing out the flaws in Republican policies.