Abandon the Alamo?

How often does a state senator raise 1/11th of $1 million in a matter of weeks? I’m very dissapointed in Texas Senaor John Whitmire. Here’s Whitmire, explaining his return to Texas, likely facilitating a quorum that will allow DeLay’s inter-Census redustricting to go through::

Whitmire said remaining in New Mexico was counterproductive. “Redistricting is very important but there are also many other important issues such as criminal justice, school finance and property tax reform,” he said in Houston.

Here’s a real Texan, Senator Rodney Ellis:

“While I understand Senator Whitmire’s frustration and anger, I am disappointed to see him surrendering so easily,” said Sen. Rodney Ellis. “All eleven of us have made true sacrifices to be here in Albuquerque. I have a newborn baby at home that doesn’t even know what I look like.”

While discretion may well be the better part of valor most of the time, Texas is the “Remember the Alamo” state. Take a stand for what’s right and damn the personal consequences, Mr. Whitmire. Find your courage and your Battle of San Jacinto will come.