What was he trying to say?

Conason is on Crossfire with Al Franken (who the witty Tucker keeps confusing with Al Sharpton. Hey Tucker, how about “Chairman Al”?) Also on is someone named Blanquita Cullum, who complains that she’s always introduced as a conservative, even though she was, minutes earlier, introduced as “nationally syndicated talk radio show host Blanquita Cullum.”

Conason seems to be trying to say something. Here’s the first pitch:


CONASON: Al and I are going to change the slogan. We’re going to change the slogan.

CULLUM: I actually think that Fox News and many of their hosts are more editorialists. But they do have more — they make an effort. They have people like Greta. They have got Ellen Ratner. They have got Alan Colmes.


CULLUM: Ellen Ratner, who is a very outspoken


Swing and a miss, strike one.

CONASON: Why can’t I finish what I’m saying? Why can’t I finish what I’m saying?

CARLSON: Go crazy.

CONASON: See, you shouldn’t act like the Fox News Channel, which Al and I are changing their slogan to


CARLSON: Attempt to explain


Close, but strike two. Time to talk to the coach

FRANKEN: Let Joe do his joke.

CONASON: Yes. We’ll get to that. [then instead talks about conservatives not being evil]

Shortly thereafter, the strikeout:

CARLSON: On that note, I’m afraid we’re going to have to end. I’m sorry. We’re completely out of time. Al, your face is actually twitching, so you’re starting to make me a little nervous. Joe Conason in Boston, thank you. Blanquita Cullum here, thank you.

Foiled! For the record, here’s what Joe was trying to say:

I hope we can discuss the new slogan I’ve suggested for Fox News Channel, drawn from the wording of Judge Denny Chin’s decision in the network’s lawsuit against Franken and his publisher. Instead of “Fair and Balanced,” why not “Wholly Without Merit”?