Surely the Next Tom DeLay

Who? Why Paul Kelly Tripplehorn, Jr., of course, for he is apparently much better than you. Assuming this story is true (which it likely is since it comes from Roll Call, a reliable source for Capitol Hill goings on–subscription required, but see the teaser here), it provides a deeply disturbing, yet highly amusing, peek into the soul of a Republican intern (Link via Ted Barlow).

It seems that Mr. Tripplehorn the II (I suppose that’s six horns?), until recently an intern to Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas), sent an email–in what I sincerely hope was an exceptionally drunken state–to another intern with whom he had some sort of relationship. Horn3II’s email closes with this:

Once again from your intellectual, moral, social, and emotional superior,
Paul Kelly Tripplehorn, Jr.

But there’s much more, including his ruminations on the social merits of owning a house in Aspen, “hipocrits”, the presumably meritocratic value of ones parents having influential friends, and how those at the top of the ladder view those on the lower rungs (hint: “I [Horn3II] am at the top and people like me hate people like you”).


UPDATE: More Young Republicans Gone Wild here.