Rice Watch Day 14

Bob Somerby first points out the obvious, but in incomparable fashion:

Because Rice is a press corps icon, there is no attempt—repeat that, none—to hold her work to normal standards. Rice doesn’t read 90-page reports? The press corps completely ignored that matter (for a fuller chronology, see below). But it’s hardly the first time the slumbering press corps looked away from Rice’s odd performance. To help flesh out the amazing way the corps behaves toward Icon Condi, let’s review a previous howler which the press almost wholly ignored.

He then goes on to make a decent case that, rather than currently positing Rice as Powell’s replacement, we could instead be in Rice Watch Day 445. Way back on 5/16/2002, Rice made another statement that was also either a display of naked mendacity or blinding incompetence (in fairness to Rice, the 2002 statement was much less consequential, as it did not contribute to the case for war; instead it was typical CYA and not really cause for a resignation or a “Rice Watch”).