Red and Blue Wrap Up

First, Sincere thanks to James Galbraith and The University of Texas Inequality Project (be sure to check it out) for all the maps and analysis.

Galbraith ran some more numbers, this time relating income levels to votes for Bush and Gore. The Theil Score is an index that give the highest scores to counties that both (1) have income farthest above the national average and (2) have larger populations. Such counties appear as dark red on Galbraith’s maps. Conversely, counties that have large populations but income well below the national average get negative Theil Scores (colored Blue in Galbraith’s maps). Counties that have either (a) very small populations or (b) income near the national average get Theil Scores near zero; these are the yellow and green regions on the map.

Here are Galbraith’s results connecting income and population to votes for Bush or Gore.

A. Of the counties with the top 100 Theil scores, Gore won 67.

B. Of the next 100, he won 39.

C. Of the next 500, he won only 43.

D. Of the next 800, he won only 118.

E. Of the bottom 1600, he won 356.

F. Of the bottom 100, he won 39.

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