I’ve Been Busy…

…Partly due to the day job and partly due to all the Red/Blue posts. As a result, I’m now catching up on all my blog reading. Here are the highlights:

  • Sadly, No brings us the new Reservoir Dogs.
  • The Daily Howler readily demonstrates that Fred Barnes is a giant, comical, tool.
  • Rice Watch Day 20 (it’s been a while since the last update): Again via the Daily Howler, a link to a detailed letter from Henry Waxman to Condoleezza Rice. The letter outlines in great detail the contradictions in Rice’s various statements and politely requests explanations and clarification.
  • Digby notifies us that Ross Perot is still alive, and sounding rather shrill (in a Krugman sort of way) about the state of the economy and federal budget.
  • Adam in MA: Pangloss or Prophet? Adam writes:

    Let’s get something straight. There will be a Democratic president in the oval office in 2005. We are going to defeat President Bush next year.

  • Does this mean that we know who Horse is, and he’s Joe Conason? On a serious note, I’ve ordered my copy of Big Lies, have you? And how popular does Angry Bear have to get before I start getting advance copies (hint to Ivins and Franken)?
  • The California Recall is fun to watch, but I’ll eat Tucker Carlson’s unconsumed shoe if it affects the outcome in California in the 2004 Presidential race. California is going Democratic, no two ways about it. If Davis prevails, it’s a win for Democracy over Banana-Republicism. If a Republican wins the Governor’s Office, we can sit back and laugh as he either raises taxes, slashes spending so far that no Republican will win statewide office in California for decades, or sits back as California’s debt rating plummets (really, the only three choices when the state is $38b short). Because I don’t see this working out badly for Democrats in any way, I’m officially giving Arianna Huffington the highly sought Angry Bear Poetic Justice Endorsement.
  • I’ll take burgers and beer at Kevin’s place over the $500 (or for that matter, $50) BloggerCon.
  • Dwight Meredith points out that, in order for Bush’s claim on 4/24 about the job-creation effects of his tax cuts to be true, “the economy will now have to create 2,382,125 jobs in the last five months of the year. That works out to an average of 476,425 jobs per month.” I’ll happily eat Carlson’s other shoe if that happens.