Iraq WMD Exaggerations: Casualty #1

It looks like Tony Blair’s right hand man (people call him Blair’s Karl Rove) is the first major political casualty of the Bush/Blair WMD exaggerations:

LONDON (AP) — Prime Minister Tony Blair’s powerful communications chief, Alastair Campbell, a central figure in the controversy over whether Britain exaggerated Iraq’s weapons threat to justify war, will resign, Blair’s office said Friday.

No date was set for Campbell’s departure and his successor was not named, the prime minister’s office said. Campbell said in his resignation statement he intended to step down in “a few weeks” for family reasons.

Campbell was at the center of media allegations that Blair’s office exaggerated the threat posed by Iraqi weapons in an intelligence dossier used to win support for military action against Iraq.

Of course, David Kelley was a much more serious and tragic casualty in this mess, but it’s nice to see at least one deserving head rolling over this. So far.