Guest Blog for Angry Bear

Angry Bear traffic is growing at a healthy clip; nothing kills traffic like taking off for a week and not posting. I need unique IPs to flourish. (When I went to Europe in the spring, it took months for my traffic to recover). Nervertheless, intrepidly placing my personal life before my blog, I am going on vacation to an undisclosed location next week, and will probably not be able to post very often. Therefore, I am officially starting the Be Angry Bear For a Week contest. First priority goes to frequent commenters without a blog, which basically means A Different Chris, Kash, Rickenharp, and my nemesis, Tom (yes, the contest is open to slightly right of center commenters), but the contest is wide-open and there need not be only one Angry Bear For a Week winner. Or, if you have a new blog and are looking for a way to drive a little traffic, guest-blogging just might do the trick.

To enter, send a sample post to In the unlikely event that I get too many entries to let everyone who enters guest blog, I’ll still post your sample post. Impress your friends with your nerdy nature! Enter now!


Oops, I also should have added Moebius to the list of frequent commenters.