By That Standard, Yes

Here’s DeLay on the redistricting

“They [the three judge panel that in 2001 drew the Texas districts, after the Texas legislature failed to do so and after Gov. Perry chose not to call a special session to address the issue] did a very poor job, as evidenced by the fact we have a minority of Republicans in our congressional delegation.”


UPDATE: Josh Marshall reports that on Sunday’s Wolf Blitzer Show, Gen. Clark gave Tom DeLay a bit of comeuppance (Tom “I’da served in Vietnam but the minorities took all the spots” DeLay called Clark a “blow-dried Napoleons”, whatever that means):

You know, Wolf, when our airmen were flying over Kosovo, Tom DeLay led the House Republicans to vote not to support their activities, when American troops were in combat. To me, that’s a real indicator of a man who is motivated not by patriotism or support for the troops, but for partisan political purposes.