Buy Now!

Via Atrios, Franken’s book release date is being moved up:

So far, the legal action has only helped sell the book, which for the past week has been in the top 10 on Penguin originally planned a print run of 250,000, but announced Monday that it had ordered an additional 40,000 copies.

“The extra printing is definitely a result of the interest generated from the lawsuit,” said Penguin spokeswoman Lisa Johnson.

Penguin also moved up the publication date from Sept. 22 to the end of this week, meaning books will likely be on sale by the time of Friday’s hearing.

Franken and Bill O’Reilly, the popular Fox news host, have publicly feuded and the lawsuit includes highly personal criticisms.

Assuming royalties to Frankin of $2.50 per book, the sniveling O’Reilly just put a cool one hundred large into Franken’s pocket. Not bad! You can do your part to contribute by going to your local book store on Friday or by using the link to your right.

In other news, please welcome Angry Bear for a Week! winner, Kash (see post below).

And now, off to my vacation! I’ll try to check in when I can.