Ahh, The Daily Show

Tonight, Jon Stewart gave Dean a bit of a hard time, which is a good sign for Dean–it means the writers think viewers now know who Dean is, unlike, say, Dennis Kucinic. Then he turned to Lieberman and played his wilderness line, which I wrote about here. Here’s Jon, echoing my thoughts, only funnier:

Yes Dean could lead the Democrats into an unpredicted wilderness where they would have no control over the White House, both Houses of Congress, or the Supreme Court. Oh, wait, nevermind. It appears they’re already in the wilderness…I wonder who lead them there?

[Flashes Gore-Lieberman poster from 2000]

Oh riiiight.


P.S. Hey, Angry Bear, how are you able to so easily quote TV shows that don’t publish transcripts? The answer is the magic of TiVo.

UPDATE: For undisclosed reasons, I was visiting rightwingnews.com and the first post I saw was hilarious

Gov. Dean Heals Leper, Walks on Water…Gov. Howard Dean cemented his Democrat presidential frontrunner status today when he healed a man of leprosy then walked across the surface of a small lake to his next campaign appearance.