Well Said

I now predict that Clark will become, if he wasn’t already, the preferred candidate of the Left half of the blogosphere. Why? Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire has this quote from General Clark:

“The world expects something more of an American president than to prance around on a flight deck dressed up like a pilot. He’s expected to be a leader. That’s my fundamental issue with it. It doesn’t reflect the gravitas of the office. Furthermore, it’s a little phony.”

— Retired Gen. Wesley Clark when asked by Newsweek about President Bush’s “use of war imagery as a political tool.”

The quote is from a Newsweek interview. Not only is General Clark apparently the only (potential) candidate willing to say this so directly, he’s the only one who cannot be derided by the Administration or the media for saying so. They could try calling the statement “unpatriotic”, but I doubt that would go over well.