Uranium Hoax Hoax

The Capitol Hill Blue story cited below is a hoax–Capitol Hill Blue founder Doug Thompson now alleges that he was intentionally deceived by someone pretending to be Terry Wilkinson for the last 20 years (Thompson: “Erasing the stories doesn’t erase the fact that we ran articles containing information that, given the source, was probably inaccurate. And it doesn’t erase the sad fact that my own arrogance allowed me to be conned”).

Fortunately, I didn’t put too much emphasis on it at the time, pointing out that the paper has an odd motto and tabloid stories on the front page, and warning “So don’t get too excited about this story”. I guess that every story containing the words “Niger”, “Uranium”, and “Iraq” should be viewed very skeptically.


P.S. In fact, I’m now so suspicious of outlandish tales of nefarious Republican plots that I’ll think twice before linking to stories like this one (slashdot discussion here) in the future.