There’s That Word Again

QUESTION: Do you still believe they were trying to buy nuclear materials in Africa?

BUSH: Right now?

QUESTION: No, were they? The statement you made…

BUSH: One thing is for certain, he’s not trying to buy anything right now. If he’s alive, he’s on the run. And that’s to the benefit of the Iraqi people. But, look, I am confident that Saddam Hussein had a weapons of mass destruction program. In 1991, I will remind you, we underestimated how close he was to having a nuclear weapon. Imagine a world in which this tyrant had a nuclear weapon. In 1998, my predecessor raided Iraq, based upon the very same intelligence. And in 2003, after the world had demanded he disarm, we decided to disarm him. And I’m convinced the world is a much more peaceful and secure place as a result of the actions.

A few non sequiturs followed by an exaggeration.

I suppose the world did demand that Saddam disarm, as expressed by UN resolutions. But Bush’s statement seems to imply that the world demanded a US invasion.