The Sky is Blue

It’s been a week of pronouncement that the sky is blue:

  • On Monday, MSNBC noticed that noted jackass Michael Savage is a blithering homophobic (and xenophobic) idiot. Of the firing, MSNBC cable spokesman Jeremy Gaines said, “His [homophobic] comments were extremely inappropriate and the decision was an easy one.”
  • On Tuesday, the White House issued a statement that “Knowing all that we know now, the reference to Iraq’s attempt to acquire uranium from Africa should not have been included in the State of the Union speech.”
  • Today, the AP reports on a national assessment showing that 12th graders can’t write well: “…about half of seniors, within a 25-minute time limit, could not provide an organized answer that showed they understand their task and their audience. “

To be announced tomorrow: Ice melts when heated!, The elderly die at a greater rate than the young!, and Republicans consistently finance spending with deficits!