The Perfect Candidate

If only we could find a candidate for Governor of California who is both conservative and liberal, but actually liberal. How could that be possible? One reporter and his editor at the Chicago Tribune think that Arianna Huffington fits the bill. In the same story, Recall election drive is a California classic, Tribune national correspondent Vincent J. Schodolski first says this:

Huffington, a Cambridge University-educated conservative, had a brief tussle with political life when she was married to multimillionaire Michael Huffington, who spent about $29 million in 1994 trying to win a U.S. Senate seat in California.

Then, seventeen words later, Schodolski says that,

Arianna Huffington recently started a very public campaign against sport-utility vehicles and in favor of cars with combined gasoline and electric engines.

Damn those far-Right Christian Fundamentalists and their Biblical prophecy-driven hatred of large polluting vehicles! Who hires these ignorant clowns and their editors?


P.S. While I’d prefer that the recall fail on practical and democratic principles, a part of me wonders what could possibly be better than watching the Republicans successfully fund a campaign to recall Gray Davis only to see the much, much, further left Huffington become governor of California? Here’s a sample of Huffington: “If, as [Republican challenger] Bill Simon says, Gray Davis is fiscally irresponsible, then George Bush is fiscally insane.”

UPDATE: Digby has another great scenario here.