On a Roll

Is it just me, or is Dwight Meredith on a roll lately? I can explain the deficit in a clear and perhaps even convincing fashion, if you can stay awake throughout the entire post. Dwight makes it fun to read.

And, while I’m plugging, the non-evil Roger Ailes has a novel idea.

And, via TBogg, see this cartoon.

And, in case you haven’t heard about the blogathon, it starts tomorrow: 24 hours of non-stop posting. Pandagon is blogging for Amnesty International (blogging for Cure Autism Now (reports that “I’ve just been offered a challenge grant from a friend’s business – If I reach the $1000 goal, he’ll add another $500! So pull out your penny jars.” That’s right, by donating even a small amount, you could effectively be donating over $500!


UPDATE: Getting very close now:


Cure Autism Now

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That leaves, as of 11:30 Eastern, “0 days, 9 hours, 3 minutes until Blogathon 2003”.