Must See: Bush Writing the SOTU

Via Atrios, who got the story from Media Whores Online, who in turn got the story from the White House web page: action photos with captions of President Bush drafting, editing, and pondering the State of the Union speech. The photos are good, but I like the captions even more. For example, this one:

“President Bush gives his speechwriting team a few points [sic] after revising the State of the Union Address in the Oval Office Jan. 23, 2003.”

The typo admits two explanations. One is that Bush himself also wrote the photo captions, and he meant to write “pointers”. A second theory is that the speechwriters were in a contest in which Bush allocated “points” for each insertion of a specious yet technically true (1/2 point for an almost technically true phrase) allegation or insinuation of a nuclear armed Saddam Hussein.