Gary Hart on The Daily Show

Hart runs off a laundry list of things that have gone south (employment, federal budget, slow economic growth, tax equity, national security, foreign relations,…), concluding that “This guy ought to be thrown out.” Stewart then quips, “If it goes like this, Sharpton may win.” Then they go into a discussion of whether substance or image and money will prevail in the 2004 election:

Hart: Now, you put your finger on part of the problem. He [Bush] will spend a quarter of a billion dollars to be reelected when he’s leading by 20% in the polls. There’s a lot of talk about scandal in American politics. If this isn’t a scandal, I don’t know what is. It’s an outrageous corruption of the American political system. It has to stop.

Stewart: Are you going to run?

Hart: Well I looked at it, and I …

Stewart: Not interested in joining an outrageous political scandal?

Hart: I did that once.