The Blue Dress

Scarlet Pimpernel sends me this photo that she took on I-5, which runs through California and Washington:

But what does it mean? The message could be that we’re all being screwed by the president, but which president? The current one? Or is the ClenisTM to blame?

On a related note, could “wearing the blue dress” become an official part of the lexicon, joining such great phrases as “screwing the pooch,” “keeping your nose to the grindstone,” and being “wet behind the ears”? The next time I screw something up, or perhaps after landing in a difficult situation, I’ll say “boy, I was really wearing the blue dress on that one” or “damn, you’ve really got me in a blue dress on this one” and try to gauge the reaction.


UPDATE: Another suggested usage: Condi Rice is in the blue dress now.