New Links

I’m discovering some pretty neat tools in my effort to gizmo up the blog. First, given that maps of blogs are popular lately, take a look at who is in my blog neighborhood. Continuing with the theme of me being a Republican, InstaPundit is one of my nearest neighbors! The others are all fairly reasonable: Talking Points Memo, MaxSpeaks, Rittenhouse, Eschaton, and a few I haven’t seen but plan to take a look at. On balance, I’m keeping pretty good company, although CalPundit, Yglesias, Barlow, and a some other bloggers who I’d gladly have a beer with are not in my blog-neighborhood.

Also, I found a few glaring ommissions in my blogroll. Please welcome the following additions:

Body and Soul
Nathan Newman
Neal Pollack
Skippy the Bush Kangaroo
South Knox Bubba
Thinking It Through