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See O’Reilly’s Online Spanking for some mocking of Bill O’Reilly by Kurtz, who quotes various bloggers. He manages to plug InstaPundit, Volokh, and Lileks, but no big lefties, unless you count Scott Rosenberg.

Katrina Leung, FBI employee and alleged double-agent, got bail today. If you didn’t already know it, there would be no way to tell that she was, until her arrest, a major player in Republican fundraising.

And whoever ends up as the Democratic candidate will need something other than prescription drugs and health care to blather about. The environment is a good topic for Democrats, particularly because it has a lot of appeal in the suburbs and higher income brackets. In an effort to point this out to the Democrats–who are unlikely to figure it out on their own, or possibly could figure it out but are afraid to say anything–the White House is redacting a forthcoming report on the environment.

Gone is any mention that the 1990’s are likely to have been the warmest decade in the last thousand years in the Northern Hemisphere. Gone, also, is a judgment by the National Research Council about the likely human contributions to global warming, though the evidence falls short of conclusive proof. Gone, too, is an introductory statement that ‘Climate change has global consequences for human health and the environment.'”