Flood the Jackass Zone

I tend to ignore Michael Weiner (who you may know as Michael Savage) because anyone who would listen to him for more than two minutes is beyond reason or redemtion. My initial take when MSNBC hired him was to highlight the obvious:

“Michael Savage is a jackass…I guess that makes the decision-makers at MSNBC objectively pro-jackass.”

Surprisingly, in spite of terrible ratings, to date MSNBC is maintaning its objectively pro-jackass stance.

A few things to note about Michael Weiner: 1. Changed his last name to “Savage”, 2. Visits wax museums to get a photo of him touching Barbra Streisand’s breast (it’s true–check near the bottom of his homepage if you are so inclined), and 3. Is obsessed with phallic symbols guns. All of these can lead to only one conclusion: a chronic and severe inability to interact romantically with women, a condition exacerbated by a particularly virulent strain of ClenisTM envy.


P.S. If you are wondering why so many blogs have Savage/Weiner related posts today, click here and then here.

Here are the sites that are being sued: Take Back The Media, Michael Savage Sucks, and Savage Stupidity. Give them a visit and a buck or two.

UPDATE: Partial list of sites appropriating “Savage” for their own purposes: Ted Barlow, Neal Pollack, South Knox Bubba, Jesse, Atrios. Dwight Meredith has a brief explanation of why Savage deserves scorn, here.